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Registrations are closed!

If you want to participate in ECIR 2021, you need to register for it. Please read the instructions below thoroughly in order to find out what type of registration applies to you.

This year, due to ECIR 2021 being an online-only event, we are adopting a very simplified registration model, according to which there are only two types of registrations:

Paid registrations (150 EUR registration fee)
Free registrations (0 EUR registration fee)

Both types of registration allow access to all ECIR 2021 events, including tutorials, workshops, industry day, etc.

Paid registrations are due by one author per paper according to a one-to-one correspondence between papers and registered authors: i.e., for each two different papers, two different paid registrations must be entered. The actual presenter of the paper may also be a co-author different from the one who has registered for that paper.

All authors not included in the above, and all non-authors, are entitled to a free registration; we hope this will give an opportunity to many IR researchers and practitioners from around the globe to attend and enjoy ECIR 2021.

The fees for students and non-students are the same. Also, there are no time bands (i.e., early bird / regular / late / onsite) for registration, but there are deadlines:

paid registrations must be entered by February 5, 2021
free registrations must be entered by March 25, 2021.

Note that registration is required for participating in ECIR 2021: free registration is not the same as no registration.