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Accepted papers

Full Papers 
Mitigating the Position Bias of Transformer Models in Passage Re-RankingSebastian Hofstätter, Aldo Lipani, Sophia Althammer, Markus Zlabinger and Allan Hanbury
On the Instability of Diminishing Return IR MeasuresTetsuya Sakai
DSMER: A Deep Semantic Matching based Framework for Named Entity RecognitionYufeng Lyu and Jiang Zhong
Weakly-Supervised Open-Retrieval Conversational Question AnsweringChen Qu, Liu Yang, Cen Chen, W. Bruce Croft, Kalpesh Krishna and Mohit Iyyer
Coreference Resolution in Research Papers from Multiple DomainsArthur Brack, Daniel Uwe Müller, Anett Hoppe and Ralph Ewerth
Active Learning for Entity AlignmentMax Berrendorf, Evgeniy Faerman and Volker Tresp
Content Selection Network for Document-grounded Retrieval-based ChatbotsYutao Zhu, Jian-Yun Nie, Kun Zhou, Pan Du and Zhicheng Dou
A Dataset and Baselines for Multimodal Product Categorization and Cross-Modal Retrieval for E-CommerceHesam Amoualian, Parantapa Goswami, Pradipto Das, Pablo Montalvo, Laurent Ach and Nathaniel Dean
Predicting User Engagement Status for Online Evaluation of Intelligent AssistantsRui Meng, Zhen Yue and Alyssa Glass
A Transparent Logical Framework for Aspect-Oriented Product Ranking Based on User ReviewsFiras Sabbah and Norbert Fuhr
Exploding TV Sets & Disappointing Laptops: Archival Content Suggestion by Finding Interesting Content from the PastAdam Jatowt, I-Chen Hung, Michael Färber, Ricardo Campos and Masatoshi Yoshikawa
A Zero Attentive Relevance Matching Network for Review Modeling in RecommendationHansi Zeng, Zhichao Xu and Qingyao Ai
Disparate Impact in Item Recommendation: a Case of Geographic ImbalanceElizabeth Gómez, Ludovico Boratto and Maria Salamo
A Hierarchical Approach for Joint Extraction of Entities and RelationsSiqi Xiao, Qi Zhang, Jinquan Sun, Yu Wang and Lei Zhang
An Enhanced Evaluation Framework for Query Performance PredictionGuglielmo Faggioli, Oleg Zendel, J. Shane Culpepper, Nicola Ferro and Falk Scholer
How Do Simple Transformations of Text and Image Features Impact Cosine-based Semantic Match?Guillem Collell and Marie-Francine Moens
You Get What You Chat: Using Conversations to Personalize Search-based RecommendationsGhazaleh Haratinezhad Torbati, Andrew Yates and Gerhard Weikum
Utilizing Local Tangent Information for Word Re-embeddingWenyu Zhao, Dong Zhou, Lin Li and Jinjun Chen
Answer Sentence Selection using Local and Global Context in Transformer ModelsIvano Lauriola and Alessandro Moschitti
FedeRank: User Controlled Feedback with Federated Recommender SystemsVito Walter Anelli, Yashar Deldjoo, Tommaso Di Noia, Antonio Ferrara and Fedelucio Narducci
Extracting Search Tasks from Query Logs Using a Recurrent Deep Clustering ArchitectureLuis Lugo, Jose G. Moreno and Gilles Hubert
Studying the Catastrophic Forgetting Problem in Neural Ranking ModelsJesús Lovón-Melgarejo, Laure Soulier, Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat and Lynda Tamine
Label Definitions Augmented Interaction Model for Legal Charge PredictionLiangyi Kang, Jie Liu, Lingqiao Liu and Dan Ye
Modeling User Search Tasks with a Language-agnostic Unsupervised ApproachLuis Lugo, Jose G. Moreno and Gilles Hubert
A Multi-Task Approach to Neural Multi-Label Hierarchical Patent Classification using TransformersSubhash Chandra Pujari, Annemarie Friedrich and Jannik Stroetgen
Studying the Effectiveness of Conversational Search Refinement through User SimulationAlexandre Salle, Shervin Malmasi, Eugene Agichtein and Oleg Rokhlenko
An Argument Extraction Decoder in Open Information ExtractionYucheng Li, Yan Yang, Qinmin Hu, Chengcai Chen and Liang He
CEQE: Contextualized Embeddings for Query ExpansionShahrzad Naseri, Jeffrey Dalton, Andrew Yates and James Allan
A Deep Analysis of an Explainable Retrieval Model for Precision Medicine Literature SearchJiaming Qu, Jaime Arguello and Yue Wang
Valuation of Startups: a Machine Learning PerspectiveMariia Garkavenko, Hamid Mirisaee, Eric Gaussier, Agnes Guerraz and Cédric Lagnier
User Engagement Prediction for Clarification in SearchIvan Sekulic, Mohammad Aliannejadi and Fabio Crestani
TLS-Covid19: A New Annotated Corpus for Timeline SummarizationArian Pasquali, Ricardo Campos, Alexandre Ribeiro, Brenda Santana, Alipio M. Jorge and Adam Jatowt
Stay on Topic, Please: Aligning User Comments to the Content of a News ArticleJumanah Alshehri, Marija Stanojevic, Eduard Dragut and Zoran Obradovic
A Study of Distributed Representations for Figures of Research ArticlesSaar Kuzi and Chengxiang Zhai
Using the Hammer Only on Nails: A Hybrid Method for Representation-based Evidence Retrieval for Question AnsweringZhengzhong Liang, Yiyun Zhao and Mihai Surdeanu
Exploring Classic and Neural Lexical Translation Models: Interpretability, Effectiveness, and Efficiency BenefitsLeonid Boytsov and Zico Kolter
Metric Learning for Session-based RecommendationsBartłomiej Twardowski, Paweł Zawistowski and Szymon Zaborowski
Machine Translation Customization via Automatic Training Data Selection from the WebThuy Vu and Alessandro Moschitti
Complement Lexical Retrieval Model with Semantic Residual EmbeddingsLuyu Gao, Zhuyun Dai, Tongfei Chen, Zhen Fan, Benjamin Van Durme and Jamie Callan
Joint Autoregressive and Graph Models for Software and Developer Social NetworksRima Hazra, Hardik Aggarwal, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee and Soumen Chakrabarti
Open-Domain Conversational Search Assistant with TransformersRafael Ferreira, Mariana Leite, David Semedo and Joao Magalhaes
Evaluating Multilingual Text Encoders for Unsupervised Cross-Lingual RetrievalRobert Litschko, Ivan Vulić, Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Goran Glavaš
Drug and Disease Interpretation Learning with Biomedical Entity Representation TransformerZulfat Miftakhutdinov, Artur Kadurin, Roman Kudrin and Elena Tutubalina
Pattern-Aware and Noise-Resilient Embedding ModelsMojtaba Nayyeri, Sahar Vahdati, Emanuel Sallinger, Mirza Mohtashim Alam, Hamed Shariat Yazdi and Jens Lehmann
Knowledge Graph Convolution Networks for Ranking DiagnosesBing Liu, Guido Zuccon, Wen Hua and Weitong Chen
Personalized User Representation Construction Model for Collaborative FilteringDaomin Ji, Zhenglong Xiang and Yuanxiang Li
Sentiment-Oriented Metric Learning for Text-to-Image RetrievalQuoc-Tuan Truong and Hady Lauw
Classifying Scientific Publications with BERT – Is Self-Attention a Feature Selection Method?Andrés García-Silva and Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez
GCE: Global Contextual Information for Knowledge Graph EmbeddingChen Wang and Jiang Zhong
Causality-Aware Neighborhood Methods for Recommender SystemsMasahiro Sato, Janmajay Singh, Sho Takemori and Qian Zhang
Consistency and Coherency Enhanced Story GenerationWei Wang, Piji Li and Hai-Tao Zheng
Short Papers 
Query Performance Prediction through Retrieval CoherencyNegar Arabzadeh, Amin Bigdeli, Morteza Zihayat and Ebrahim Bagheri
Should I visit this place? Inclusion and Exclusion Phrase Mining from ReviewsOmkar Gurjar and Manish Gupta
Detecting and Forecasting Misinformation by Temporal Point ProcessesQiang Zhang, Jonathan Cook and Emine Yilmaz
Cross-modal Memory Fusion Network for Multimodal Sequential Learning with Missing ValuesChen Lin, Joyce C. Ho and Eugene Agichtein
Neural Feature Selection for Learning to RankAlberto Purpura, Karolina Buchner, Gianmaria Silvello and Gian Antonio Susto
How Do Users Revise Zero-Hit Product Search Queries?Yuki Amemiya, Tomohiro Manabe, Sumio Fujita and Tetsuya Sakai
Event Detection with Entity MarkersEmanuela Boros, Jose Moreno and Antoine Doucet
Tweet Length Matters: A Comparative Analysis on Topic Detection in MicroblogsFurkan Şahinuç and Cagri Toraman
Dynamic Cross-Sentential Context Representation for Event DetectionDorian Kodelja, Romaric Besançon and Olivier Ferret
BiGBERT: Classifying Educational Web Resources for Kindergarten-12thGradesGarrett Allen, Brody Downs, Aprajita Shukla, Casey Kennington, Jerry Fails, Katherine Wright and Maria Soledad Pera
Bayesian System Inference On Shallow PoolsRodger Benham, Alistair Moffat and J. Shane Culpepper
Improving Cold-Start Recommendation via Multi-Prior Meta-LearningZhengyu Chen, Donglin Wang and Shiqian Yin
Weakly Supervised Label SmoothingGustavo Penha and Claudia Hauff
Simplified TinyBERT: Knowledge Distillation for Document RetrievalXuanang Chen, Ben He, Kai Hui, Le Sun and Yingfei Sun
SQE-GAN: a Supervised Query Expansion Scheme via GANTianle Fu, Qi Tian and Hui Li
Transfer Learning and Augmentation for Word Sense DisambiguationHarsh Kohli
Exploring the Incorporation of Opinion Polarity for Abstractive Multi-Document Summarization Dominik Ramsauer and Udo Kruschwitz
Right for the Right Reasons: Making Image Classification Intuitively ExplainableAnna Nguyen, Adrian Oberföll and Michael Färber
Predicting Question Responses to Improve the Performance of Retrieval-based ChatbotDisen Wang and Hui Fang
Exploring Gender Biases in Information Retrieval Relevance Judgement DatasetsAmin Bigdeli, Negar Arabzadeh, Morteza Zihayat and Ebrahim Bagheri
Deep Query Likelihood Model for Information RetrievalShengyao Zhuang, Hang Li and Guido Zuccon
Multi-Span Extractive Reading Comprehension without Multi-Span SupervisionTakumi Takahashi, Motoki Taniguchi, Tomoki Taniguchi and Tomoko Ohkuma
From The Beatles to Billie Eilish: Connecting Provider Representativeness and Exposure in Session-based Recommender SystemsAlejandro Ariza, Francesco Fabbri, Ludovico Boratto and Maria Salamo
Diversity Aware Relevance Learning for Argument SearchMichael Fromm, Max Berrendorf, Sandra Obermeier, Thomas Seidl and Evgeniy Faerman
Multilingual Evidence Retrieval and Claim Verification to Combat Global Disinformation: The Power of PolyglotismDenisa Roberts
Windowing Models for Abstractive Summarization of Long TextsLeon Schüller, Florian Wilhelm, Nico Kreiling and Goran Glavaš
Social Media Popularity Prediction of Planned Events using Deep LearningSreekanth Madisetty and Maunendra Sankar Desarkar
Transformer-based approach towards music emotion recognition from lyricsYudhik Agrawal, Ramaguru Guru Ravi Shanker and Vinoo Alluri
Towards Dark Jargon Interpretation in Underground ForumsDominic Seyler, Wei Liu, Xiaofeng Wang and Chengxiang Zhai
Multi-Head Self-Attention with Role-Guided MasksDongsheng Wang, Casper Hansen, Lucas Chaves Lima, Christian Hansen, Maria Maistro, Jakob Grue Simonsen and Christina Lioma
How Do Active Reading Strategies Affect Learning Outcomes in Web Search?Nirmal Roy, Manuel Valle Torre, Ujwal Gadiraju, David Maxwell and Claudia Hauff
A White Box Analysis of ColBERTThibault Formal, Stéphane Clinchant and Benjamin Piwowarski
PGT: Pseudo Relevance Feedback Using a Graph-based TransformerHongchien Yu, Zhuyun Dai and Jamie Callan
Clustering-augmented Multi-Instance Learning for Neural Relation ExtractionQi Zhang, Siliang Tang, Jinquan Sun, Yu Wang and Lei Zhang
Rethink Training of BERT Rerankers in Multi-Stage Retrieval PipelineLuyu Gao, Zhuyun Dai and Jamie Callan
Fine-tuning BERT for COVID-19 domain ad-hoc IR by using pseudo-qrelsXabier Saralegi and Iñaki San Vicente
A Comparison of Question Rewriting Methods for Conversational Passage RetrievalSvitlana Vakulenko, Voskarides Nikos, Zhucheng Tu and Shayne Longpre
Assessing the Benefits of Model Ensembles in Neural Re-Ranking for Passage RetrievalLuís Borges, Bruno Martins and Jamie Callan
Textual Complexity as an Indicator of Document RelevanceAnastasia Taranova and Martin Braschler
Reproducibility Papers 
Robustness of Meta Matrix Factorization Against Strict Privacy ConstraintsPeter Müllner, Dominik Kowald and Elisabeth Lex
Re-Assessing the “Classify and Count” Quantification MethodAlejandro Moreo Fernández and Fabrizio Sebastiani
Reliability Prediction for Health-related Content: A Replicability StudyMarcos Fernández-Pichel, Juan Carlos Pichel, David Enrique Losada and David Elsweiler
A Critical Assessment of State-of-the-Art in Entity AlignmentMax Berrendorf, Ludwig Wacker and Evgeniy Faerman
System Effect Estimation by Sharding: A Comparison between ANOVA Approaches to Detect Significant DifferencesGuglielmo Faggioli and Nicola Ferro
Cross-domain Retrieval in the Legal and Patent Domains: a Reproducability StudySophia Althammer, Sebastian Hofstätter and Allan Hanbury
An Empirical Comparison of Web Page Segmentation AlgorithmsJohannes Kiesel, Lars Meyer, Florian Kneist, Benno Stein and Martin Potthast
Textual Characteristics of News Title and Body to Detect Fake News: A Reproducibility StudyAnu Shrestha and Francesca Spezzano
Comparing Score Aggregation Approaches for Pretrained Neural Language ModelsXinyu Zhang, Andrew Yates and Jimmy Lin
Reproducibility, Replicability and Beyond: Assessing Production Readiness of Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis in the WildRajdeep Mukherjee, Shreyas Shetty, Subrata Chattopadhyay, Subhadeep Maji, Samik Datta and Pawan Goyal
Federated Online Learning to Rank with Evolution Strategies: A Reproducibility StudyShuyi Wang, Shengyao Zhuang and Guido Zuccon
Demo Papers 
Aspect-based Passage Retrieval with Contextualized Discourse VectorsJens-Michalis Papaioannou, Manuel Mayrdorfer, Sebastian Arnold, Felix A. Gers, Klemens Budde and Alexander Löser
An Extensible Toolkit of Query Refinement Methods and Gold Standard Dataset GenerationHossein Fani, Mahtab Tamannaee, Fattane Zarrinkalam, Jamil Samouh, Samad Paydar and Ebrahim Bagheri
repro_eval: A Python Interface to Reproducibility Measures of System-oriented IR ExperimentsTimo Breuer, Nicola Ferro, Maria Maistro and Philipp Schaer
HSEarch: semantic search system for workplace accident reportsEmrah Inan, Paul Thompson, Tim Yates and Sophia Ananiadou
LogUI: Contemporary Logging Infrastructure for Web-Based ExperimentsDavid Maxwell and Claudia Hauff
Brief description of COVID-SEE: The Scientific Evidence Explorer for COVID-19 Related ResearchKarin Verspoor, Simon Suster, Yulia Otmakhova, Shevon Mendis, Zenan Zhai, Biaoyan Fang, Jey Han Lau, Timothy Baldwin, Antonio Jimeno and David Martinez
News Monitor: A Framework For QueryingNews in Real TimeAntonia Saravanou, Nikolaos Panagiotou and Dimitrios Gunopulos
Time-Matters: Temporal Unfolding of TextsRicardo Campos, Jorge Duque, Tiago Cândido, Jorge Mendes, Alipio M. Jorge and Célia Nunes
LEMONS: Listenable Explanations for Music recOmmeNder SystemsAlessandro Benedetto Melchiorre, Verena Haunschmid, Markus Schedl and Gerhard Widmer
Signal Briefings: Monitoring News Beyond the BrandJames Brill, Dyaa Albakour, Jose Alberto Esquivel, Udo Kruschwitz, Miguel Martinez and Jon Chamberlain
Chattack: A Gamified Crowd-sourcing Platform for Tagging Deceptive & Abusive BehaviourEmmanouil Smyrnakis, Katerina Papantoniou, Panagiotis Papadakos and Yannis Tzitzikas
AWESSOME: An Unsupervised Sentiment Intensity Scoring Framework using Neural Word EmbeddingsAmal Htait and Leif Azzopardi
CoralExp: An Explainable System to Support Coral Taxonomy ResearchJaiden Harding, Tom Bridge and Gianluca Demartini
PreFace++: Faceted Retrieval of Prerequisites and Technical DataPrajna Upadhyay and Maya Ramanath
Multi-view Conversational Search Interface using a Dialogue-Based AgentAbhishek Kaushik, Nicolas Loir and Gareth Jones
CLEF Papers 
The 2021 ImageCLEF BenchmarkMultimedia Retrieval in Medical, Nature, Internet and Social Media ApplicationsBogdan Ionescu, Henning Müller, Renaud Péteri, Asma Ben Abacha, Dina Demner-Fushman, Sadid Hasan, Obioma Pelka, Christoph M. Friedrich, Alba Garcia, Janadhip Jacutprakart, Vassili Kovalev, Serge Kozlovski, Jon Chamberlain, Adrian Clark, Antonio Campello, Hassan Moustahfid, Thomas Oliver, Abigail Schulz, Paul Brie, Raul Berari, Dimitri Fichou, Andrei Tauteanu, Mihai Dogariu, Liviu Daniel Stefan, Mihai Gabriel Constantin, Jérôme Deshayes and Adrian Popescu
eRisk 2021: Pathological Gambling, Self-Harm and Depression ChallengesJavier Parapar, Patricia Martin-Rodilla, David Losada and Fabio Crestani
ChEMU 2021: Reaction Reference Resolution and Anaphora Resolution in Chemical PatentsJiayuan He, Biaoyan Fang, Hiyori Yoshikawa, Saber A. Akhondi, Christian Druckenbrodt, Camilo Thorne, Zubair Afzal, Zenan Zhai, Lawrence Cavedon, Trevor Cohn, Timothy Baldwin and Karin Verspoor
Overview of Touché 2021: Argument RetrievalAlexander Bondarenko, Lukas Gienapp, Maik Fröbe, Meriem Beloucif, Yamen Ajjour, Alexander Panchenko, Chris Biemann, Benno Stein, Henning Wachsmuth, Martin Potthast and Matthias Hagen
Overview of PAN 2021: Authorship Verification, Profiling Hate Speech Spreaders on Twitter, and Style Change DetectionJanek Bevendorff, María Alberta Chulvi Ferriols, Gretel Liz De La Peña Sarracén, Mike Kestemont, Enrique Manjavacas, Ilia Markov, Maximilian Mayerl, Martin Potthast, Francisco Manuel Rangel Pardo, Paolo Rosso, Efstathios Stamatatos, Benno Stein, Matti Wiegmann and Eva Zangerle
Advancing Math-Aware Search: The ARQMath-2 Lab at CLEF 2021Behrooz Mansouri, Anurag Agarwal, Douglas Oard and Richard Zanibbi
Text Simplification for Scientific Information Access: CLEF 2021 SimpleText WorkshopLiana Ermakova, Patrice Bellot, Pavel Braslavski, Jaap Kamps, Josiane Mothe, Diana Nurbakova, Irina Ovchinnikov and Eric Sanjuan
CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2021Lorraine Goeuriot, Hanna Suominen, Liadh Kelly, Laura Alonso Alemany, Nicola Brew-Sam, Viviana Cotik, Dario Filippo, Gabriela Gonzalez Saez, Franco Luque, Philippe Mulhem, Gabriella Pasi, Roland Roller, Sandaru Seneviratne, Jorge Vivaldi, Marco Viviani and Chenchen Xu
LifeCLEF 2021: Biodiversity Identification and Prediction ChallengesHervé Goëau and Alexis Joly
Living Lab Evaluation for Life and SocialSciences Search Platforms – LiLAS at CLEF 2021Philipp Schaer, Johann Schaible and Leyla Jael Garcia Castro
The CLEF-2021 CheckThat! Lab on Detecting Check-Worthy Claims, Previously Fact-Checked Claims, and Fake NewsPreslav Nakov, Giovanni Da San Martino, Tamer Elsayed, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Rubén Míguez, Shaden Shaar, Firoj Alam, Fatima Haouari, Maram Hasanain, Nikolay Babulkov, Alex Nikolov, Gautam Kishore Shahi, Julia Maria Struß and Thomas Mandl
BioASQ at CLEF2021: Large-scale biomedicalsemantic indexing and question answeringAnastasia Krithara, Anastasios Nentidis, Georgios Paliouras, Martin Krallinger and Antonio Miranda
Doctoral Consortium Papers 
Automated Multi-Document Text Summarization from Heterogeneous Data SourcesMahsa Abazari Kia
Background Linking of News ArticlesMarwa Essam
Deep Learning System for Biomedical Relation Extraction Combining External Sources of KnowledgeDiana Sousa and Francisco Couto
Deep Semantic Entity LinkingPedro Ruas and Francisco M. Couto
Multidimensional Relevance in Task-Specific RetrievalDivi Galih Prasetyo Putri