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Poster sessions on GatherTown

To provide attendees and presenters an online user experience resembling a live poster session,  the short and demo presentations of ECIR 2021 will take place via on:

  • Monday March 29, 10:30–13:30 CEST (Session 2C)
  • Monday March 29, 13:45–16:45 CEST (Session 3C)
  • Tuesday March 30, 13:45–16:45 CEST (Session 6C)

Be careful to check your poster’s allocation on the official web page detailing the conference’s program: A number identifies each poster on the map and the conference program. Please join your live poster session on at least 5 minutes before it starts.

Short and demo authors have to send us BEFORE MARCH 26 a poster following the formatting requirements of GatherTown:

  • File format: PNG or JPEG
  • Width: 1980px
  • Height: 1080px
  • Maximum file size: 3MB
  • Minimum font size: 16px
  • No transparent background

Please email your posters to (CC no later than March 26, by using the subject “ECIR 2021 Poster [SubmissionID]”, replacing SubmissionID with the identifier of your submission and using the same identifier to name the poster file (e.g., “1.png” for submission #1).

You are strongly encouraged to tweet your poster using the tag #ECIR2021 or mentioning the account name @2021Ecir.

Presenters of short/demo papers and attendees will join on a 2D world with 8-bit graphics, giving them the possibility of walking around the conference centre by moving an avatar with the keyboard’s arrow keys. The posters will be pre-loaded and placed in the virtual conference centre similarly to what happens in an in-person conference. To interact with a poster, attendees can move their avatar close to the poster and press the “x” key to enter a full-screen view. 

While viewing the poster, they can interact with the presenter. Please note that the upper left corner of each poster area contains the spot dedicated to the presenter, highlighted with a violet circle, where she needs to place her avatar. 

The posters private spaces look like this:

When your avatar is in the private space of a poster, all other conference attendees in the same space will be able to see and hear you through your webcam and microphone. Interaction is possible only with people in this space and not the neighbouring area. This mechanism promotes conversation with the presenter without disturbing conversation going on at other posters. When you interact with the embedded image, the image will open in full-screen mode.

After interacting with an embedded image, you and anyone else who has opened the image may use the “Presenter Mode” tool on the right-hand side to click and indicate specific areas of the image or poster that you are discussing. Everyone who has the image open will see the locations that you click on while in Presenter Mode. The indication will appear as a small coloured circle that will disappear after a few seconds.

Each presenter can share his screen with all the people around by clicking on the Screen Sharing button placed in the center of the Control Bar, at the bottom of your screen. If you would like to use such a feature, check your browser permission: